About HOLT

Hands Off London Transport (HOLT) is a campaign against the massive £9.8 billion cuts to London’s transport system. It involves a variety of different organisations and people who will be effected by the cuts. The reduction in safety and service levels, job losses, and fare increases that these cuts will bring will cause misery for Londoners who depend on public transport in the capital.

HOLT supports London Underground staff fighting against job losses, ticket office closures, and detrimental changes to their conditions of work.

HOLT involves disabled people’s groups, pensioners’ groups, public transport advocacy organisations, student activists, trade unions, and political organisations and is open to anyone who wants to fight to defend and extend quality public transport in London.

HOLT has a positive vision for a well-funded, publicly-owned, integrated transport system in London, staffed by workers in secure, permanent posts with decent pay and conditions.

HOLT supporters include:

Occupy London #olsx

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) #dpac

National Pensioners Convention

London Federation of Green Parties


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