Get involved

There’s lots you can to support HOLT:

  • Take action at one of our meetings, demonstrations, rallies, or other events. See our “Events” page for regularly-updated info on upcoming events
  • Sign the HOLT petition on 38 Degrees
  • Download copies of our campaign leaflet for distribution in your local area
  • Pass our model resolution supporting the campaign (see text below)

Could you pass this resolution in your trade union branch, student union, campaign group, or community organisation? If you pass this resolution, let us know and we’ll add you to our list of supporters. Email us at

[insert name of organisation] notes that the government with the full backing of London’s Tory Mayor, Boris Johnson, is forcing massive subsidy cuts of £4.2 billion on Transport for London and London Underground. London Underground’s first tranche of cuts sees the loss of nearly 1000 front line, safety critical and customer facing station jobs. These cuts will have a huge negative impact on customer support and information for passengers and for safety on the tube as a whole. This attack to staffing levels amounts to just 6% of the budget cuts that London Underground bosses wish to make and are the precursor to a huge assault to London’s transport system. We further note RMT is opposing these cuts and is committed to defend London’s Underground from these Tory attacks and to campaign for proper funding.

[insert name of organisation]  believes that London’s transport system MUST be properly funded and staffed to ensure a safe, reliable and accessible service that meets the needs of Londoners and visitors to London.

[insert name of organisation] also believes these ideological attacks by the government and London’s Mayor will mean chronic underfunding resulting in fare increases, underinvestment and worsening safety. A properly funded, publicly owned tube allows for improvements to the tube’s infrastructure, stations, trains and expands accessibility for pensioners and the disabled. It would also mean affordable fares for Londoners caught in a trap of fare increases while being squeezed by pay cuts and low pay.

[insert name of organisation]  agrees that Government cuts to London’s tube network must be resisted by tube users and workers alike. We agree to support and affiliate to the campaign, Hands Off London Transport.


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