Rally against cuts and closures, 14 October

On TUESDAY (16/10/14 at 17:30) members of the RMT will be rallying and leafleting at the forecourt in front of King’s Cross Station against ticket office closures and job cuts on London Underground.

Although the RMT’s industrial action on the Underground has been suspended, there is still a fight against TfL’s plans to cut jobs (with some stations set for a 50% loss of staff numbers) and the closure of ALL ticket offices on London Underground. TfL show no signs of stopping their plans for a less accessible Tube – their vision is one with overworked staff, a stripped down staffing structure with workers on casualised contracts, and significantly less support and assistance for passengers.

The RMT’s industrial actions have delayed the implementation of the plans, but their fight continues. Members of the public have shown significant support along the way, and the HOLT campaign continues to do so – we want a well-staffed Tube, a safe and accessible service, and with workers on secure contracts.

Come along and help spread important awareness to the public, and support the fight against damaging cuts to a public service.


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