New online consultation: have your say!

Independent travel watchdog London TravelWatch has launched an online consultation on ticket office closures. LTW is the official, statutorily-required watchdog for transport in London. A large number of responses to the survey opposing closures could make a difference.

Along with Tube unions, Hands Off London Transport has always called for a genuine public consultation on London Underground’s plan to slash jobs and close ticket offices. The company has always refused. We know why: it knows passengers don’t want a Tube service staffed at minimal levels where tickets are only available from machines.

The new online survey from London TravelWatch isn’t perfect – it focuses entirely on the issue of ticket office closures, and doesn’t address wider aspects of LU’s plan, including the 953 job cuts and the plans for lone working on hundreds of stations. But filling it in is a chance to let LU know their plans aren’t supported by the travelling public.

Complete the survey here, and encourage your friends to do likewise!


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