RIP Brian Munro, 1968-2014

Hands Off London Transport would like to extend our sympathies and condolences to the family, friends, and comrades of Brian Munro, the London Underground worker, RMT Executive member, and socialist activist who sadly died on Saturday 28 June. 

Brian was a rail worker and union activist for over 20 years, winning election to the London Transport Region seat on the RMT’s national executive in December 2013 and taking up office in 2014. Despite being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2007, he fought the illness with the same spirit he brought to his politics and lived well past his initial diagnosis. He passed away peacefully in an East London hospice with his family around him.

Brian was a staunch supporter of HOLT within the RMT, and was central to making sure public, political campaignign, as well as industrial action, were key aspects of the RMT’s ongoing fight against London Underground’s job cuts. He secured official union backing for HOLT and helped to promote our activities within the RMT.

His death is a tragic loss to the whole labour movement. We can honour his memory best by rededicating ourselves to the struggles about which he was so passionate.

His funeral takes place from 12.15pm on Friday 11 July at Manor Park Cemetery. For more information, see the RMT website here.


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