Fighting Tube cuts: Day of Action report

On 13 June, the day that would’ve been Bob Crow’s birthday, Hands Off London Transport called a Day of Action which brought together trade unionists, disabled activists, student unionists, and community campaigners to let the travelling public known about London Underground’s planned cuts, and the fight against them.

Actions were held at Finchley Central, Wimbledon, Leytonstone, Brixton, and King’s Cross.

Katie Kokkinou, Welfare and International Officer at the University College London Union and Hands Off London Transport convenor reports on the King’s Cross action:

“As part of Hands Off London Transport’s city-wide day of action, a group of us went to King’s Cross Underground Station to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of the proposed cuts to the Tube.

“The demonstration was well attended by student activists, RMT activists, campaigners from the National League of the Blind and Disabled (NLBD), and Community, and also support from passers by who stopped to support the action.

“The action went very well — we were leafleting and talking to members of the public about the proposed cuts: hundreds of leaflets were given out, and a small rally was had outside the Tube station.”

More reports and pictures from other local actions will be added soon. Thanks to all those who helped organised and support the action.

Hands Off London Transport will now focus on building for the demonstration against Boris Johnson on 25 June. For more info, click here.


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