RMT pledges support for HOLT

Tube union RMT has pledged to fully support the Hands off London Transport campaign.

The General Grades Committee (GGC) of the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport workers (RMT) today pledged full support for HOLT as part of its announcement of new strikes (for more on the strikes, click here).

The GGC decision reads: “We agree to continue to support the work of the campaigning body ‘Hands off London’s Transport’. We request that the full Council of Executives makes a financial donation to this important campaigning umbrella body. The public are clearly opposed to LU’s plans for the tube and this union will do our utmost to bring these proposals to the attention of Londoners using every means at our disposal.”

(Read the full GGC decision here.)

The RMT’s pledge of support highlights the vital role HOLT has to play in the fight against job losses and ticket office closures. This is so much more than an industrial dispute — it is a fight between two visions for how public transport in London should be organised. HOLT can be a key umbrella body that brings together unions, passenger advocacy groups, disability rights campaigners, pensioners, students, and others who believe Londoners deserve a well-funded, properly-stuff, democratically-run public transport system, not the nightmare vision of the automated, de-staffed, for-profit system, circled over by contractors and privateers.

Tube workers’ strikes are at the centre of that fight, and direct action by campaigns like HOLT can make the essential case for our vision of public transport.


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