RMT calls news strikes: gear up to build solidarity!

The RMT plans strikes for 6-9 May. HOLT will be gearing up to build solidarity.

Tube workers’ union RMT has called more strikes because London Underground management have refused to budge from their plans to close ticket offices and slash frontline jobs. The extra negotiations won by February’s strike, while proving useful in terms of the information they gave the union access to, have shown management unwilling to compromise. Therefore, to force bosses back from the brink of a disastrous cuts plan that will hugely damage safety and quality of service, as well as hitting workers’ jobs, pay, terms, and conditions, Tube workers are using the only real weapon they have: their right to withdraw their labour.

HOLT gives full support to Tube workers’ strikes, and sees them as the key means by which London Underground bosses can be made to change course. As the strikes approach, we’ll be mobilising to support them, as well as planning our own actions alongside the strikes to highlight the breadth of opposition to the proposed cuts and closures. We’ll be posting details of picket lines, and info on how you can best support the strikers.

For more information on the industrial action, see the RMT London Calling website here.



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