Tories’ “only 3%” figure exposed as a lie

The Tories’ claim, repeated in Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday 12 February, that “only 3% of transactions now involve ticket offices” has been exposed as a lie.Even the 3% figure represents 100,000 journeys every day: hardly an insignificant number. But the “Full Fact” website, committed to “promoting accuracy in public debate”, investigated the figure and found that it actually refers to the number of journeys which begin with a ticket office transaction.

The real figure, of journeys which involve a ticket office transaction at some stage, is closer to 20%. See the full report here.

Add onto this the number of journeys, not officially recorded by TfL, that involve a trip to the ticket office for information and assistance which do not result in a transaction, and the figure is higher still.

Tube unions’ strikes have forced LU bosses to commit to a station-by-station review of ticket office closures, with the explicit proviso that the review may result in some offices remaining open. HOLT hopes to be at the forefront of direct-action campaigning, alongside unions, passengers’ groups, disability rights groups, and others, making a public, political case for ticket offices to remain open and making sure that maximum pressure is put on LU management during the period of the review.


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