London students back the strikes

We are students, activists, and student union officers in London supporting London Underground workers as they take part in a series of industrial actions over the next few weeks.In November 2013, London Underground bosses and the Mayor’s Office announced a cuts plan that would see almost 953 frontline station jobs and a radical staff restructuring that could see workers lose thousands of pounds of pay.


This is a £45 million cut to the LU budget for 2014-2015, which is a 6% total of the overall planned cuts. In this first tranche, the loss of almost 1000 customer facing posts, providing support and assistance to passengers is of huge detriment to the network. Staff are vital for helping out in case of emergencies, providing disabled passengers with assistance, and helping tourists and visitors with navigation. Students in London use the tube as a necessary means for getting around our city. We arrive often entirely new to what can be a complicated transport system, and the help and support of staff is extremely important.

 The Rail, Maritime, and Transport workers’ union (RMT) and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA), two of the main unions organising on the London Underground, have committed to opposing and fighting these cuts to the Tube. From 4th February 2014, members of both unions are taking industrial action to stop LU bosses and Boris Johnson’s attacks on the network. We, the undersigned, support their strikes and other actions. We stand in solidarity with Tube workers and their unions, and believe that London’s transport system needs to be properly funded and staffed to ensure that it is a safe, reliable, and accessible service.


Keir Gallagher, UCLU Education & Campaigns Officer

Katie Kokkinou, UCLU Welfare & International Officer & NUS London Provisional Committee

Michael Chessum, ULU President

Grace Jeremy, UCLU Disabled Students’ Officer

James McAsh, NUS NEC (London)

Amarbeer Singh, Royal Holloway Students’ Union President

Shelly Asquith, University of the Arts London Union President, Chair of NUS London Provisional Committee

Susuana Antubam, ULU Women’s Officer

Dan Warham, UCLU Democracy & Communications Officer

Helena McCoy, Stanmore College Campaigns & Welfare Officer

Daniel Lemberger Cooper, ULU Vice President

Hannah Webb, UCLU External Affairs & Campaigns Officer

Ben Towse, UCLU Postgraduate Students’ Officer

Jamie Green, Royal Holloway Students’ Union VP Communications & Campaigns

Hannah Roberts, University of the Arts London Union Education Officer

Tom Robinson, UCLU LGBT+ Officer

Howard Littler, Goldsmith’s Union Campaigns Officer

Zayyan Butt, UCLU Ethics, Environment & Operations Officer

Tom King, SOAS LGBTQ Officer

Matt Withers, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama Union President

Nathan Rumney, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama Union Campaigns Officer

Mostafa Rajaai, University of the Arts London Culture & Diversity Officer

Jack Saffery-Rowe, Royal Holloway LGBT+ officer

Søren Goard, Goldsmith’s SU Education Officer

Sam Jones, Trustee, Royal Holloway SU

Sayed Alkadiri, President. Middlesex SU

Chris Wall, Royal Holloway SU Academic Affairs Officer

Christopher Wongsosaputro, UCLU Part Time & Mature Students’ Officer

Shreya Paudel, NUS International Students Committee member


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