Student leaders support Tube strikes

Members of the National Union of Students’ National Executive Council have signed a statement in support of Tube workers’ industrial action and the campaign against job losses and ticket office closures.

The statement was initiated by James McAsh, a supporter of the National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts who sits on the NUS NEC. You can view the statement and signatories below, and online here.

Stay tuned for more details of student solidarity with the fight to defend the Tube, coming up soon!

We the undersigned members of the National Union of Students National Executive Council offer our full support to the London Underground workers who are fighting against proposed job losses and cuts to services and safety, and wish them the best in their upcoming strikes and industrial action.

Toni Pearce – NUS President
Gordon Maloney – NUS Scotland President
Rebecca Hall – NUS-USI President
Stephanie Lloyd – NUS Wales President
Kelley Temple – Women’s Officer
Aaron Kiely – Black Students’ Officer
Sky Yarlett – LGBT Officer (Open)
Finn McGoldrick – LGBT Officer (Women’s)
Hannah Paterson – Disabled Students’ Officer
Dom Anderson – Vice President Society and Citizenship
Raechel Mattey – Vice President Union Development
Joe Vinson – Vice President Further Education
Rhiannon Hedge – NUS Wales Women’s Officer
Robert Foster – NUS Scotland Vice President Education
Beth Button – NUS Wales Deputy President
Amy Gilligan – Postgraduate Research Officer
Anna Chowcat – Postgraduate Taught Officer
Josh Rowlands – Mature Students’ Officer
Tabz O’Brien – Women’s Councillor
Arianna Tassinari – International Students’ Councillor
Jawanza Ipyana – Disabled Students’ Councillor
Nosheen Dad – Union Development Zone Councillor
Chantel Le Carpentier – Welfare Zone Councillor
Amy Smith – Further Education Zone Councillor
Tom Flynn – Higher Education Zone Councillor
James McAsh – National Executive Councillor
Rosie Huzzard – National Executive Councillor
Kirat Raj Singh – National Executive Councillor
Matt Stanley – National Executive Councillor
Edmund R Schluessel – National Executive Councillor
Marc McCorkell – National Executive Councillor
Jessica Goldstone – National Executive Councillor
Paul Abernethy – National Executive Councillor


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