#FreeTube! HOLT supports unions’ revenue action

As part of their industrial campaign to stop cuts and job losses, members of Tube unions RMT and TSSA working on stations will take “revenue action”. This means that station staff will refuse to carry out “revenue duties”, including selling and checking tickets. Ticket office windows will be closed and ticket machines will be powered down. Revenue Inspectors will not conduct checks and issue penalty fares, and, except in cases where crowd control means it’s unsafe to do so, ticket gates will be kept open. In other words… free travel!

The revenue action takes place between 9.30 and 11.30am and 6.30 and 8.30pm on Friday 7, Monday 10, and Friday 14 February.

HOLT wholeheartedly supports unions’ revenue action, as it hits Boris Johnson and Tube bosses where it hurts (in their pockets!), while giving Londoners free access to the Tube at a time when wage freezes and fare increases mean people often find it too expensive to travel.

Get on board with the action by riding the Tube for free during the hours of the action. Let the staff on your station know you support them, and take a few HOLT leaflets to distribute to fellow passengers. If you’re on Twitter, tweet @HandsOffLT using the hashtag #FreeTube.

Let Tube workers, and the world, know that you support their fight to keep London Underground safe, staffed, and efficient.

(Click here to read RMT’s explanation of the action for its members.)


6 thoughts on “#FreeTube! HOLT supports unions’ revenue action

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  2. TFL workers really don’t do much by striking, all you’re doing is speeding up getting rid of drivers and replacing them with robots. Why pay a useless individual 40k a year when a robot can do their job far better…

    • Better is a very subjective word. Faster? Maybe by a few seconds. Safer? No, not really. Smoother? Certainly not. Compare the quality of ride you get on a Victoria line train to that of the manually driven parts of the Northern line. Then not that in the first week of automatic driving on the Northern line there were hundreds of complaints about the rough ride.

      It’s interesting to note that there is no evidence to suggest a robot can do the job better. However, Gary has made an excellent point – that your girlfriend almost certainly gets pleased by a robot whereas you, maybe not every time!

      If there are continuing cuts to public services, when there’s another disaster, good luck on your own. London Underground staff were praised after the London bombings – how quickly people forget just how much everyone relied on them then!

  3. And when tube bosses try to do that, they can expect a fight back from workers and the support of the public for absolutely awesome actions like this.

  4. James, I sincerely hope your girlfriend does the same to you. Why have a useless man like yourself when she can have a robot or sexual aid that gives her better pleasure in bed than you. And maybe an automatic feeder for the child so you can be rendered useless too.

    If a vibrator and a massage chair can pleasure and de-stress a woman better than a man.. does that mean men should be replaced.”when a robot can do their job far better”

  5. This free tube initiative is irrelevant for anyone who works 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and has a pre-paid travelcard, which I expect is the majority of tube users.

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