RMT and ASLEF launch dispute over driverless trains

Tube workers always knew that the “Fit for the Future — Stations” plan, which includes the 953 job cuts and cross-network ticket office closures against with RMT and TSSA members struck last month, were just the tip of the iceberg. “Fit for the Future — Trains” was never going to be far behind. And now LU bosses have announced what union activists have suspected for a long time: driverless trains are on their way… unless we can stop them! Continue reading

“Our strikes has stalled the bosses’ plans: keep up the momentum to win more!”

Tube unions have suspended their industrial action after London Underground management made an offer that included some concessions and retreats. HOLT is not tied to any union and has no “policy”, as such, on the suspension of the action or the terms of the deal. We reprint this blog, written by a young Tube worker and first published on the South East Region TUC (SERTUC) Young Members’ blog, to encourage discussion. Continue reading

Defend Mark Harding!

RMT activist Mark Harding was arrested on a picket line in Hammersmith. Draconian bail conditions have been applied, undermining his ability to take part in legitimate trade union activity. Mark’s arrest is part of an ongoing clampdown on political dissent under the Tory-led coalition, which also includes the pre-emptive arrests at the 2011 Royal Wedding, the Critical Mass arrests at the 2012 Olympics, the mass arrests of anti-fascist activists in June and September 2013, and the ongoing repression, mass detention, and arrest faced by student activists in London, Birmingham, and elsewhere. Support Mark Harding, defend civil liberties! Continue reading